Chief operating officer of 6th sense group Nazia wasim, stressed the need of helping the deserving and underprivileged segments of society during the holy month of Ramadan, talking to media she out loud the government’s strategy of financially supporting the daily wagged class She said With the ongoing pandemic, Ramadan won’t be the same. A lot of community activities will probably be curtailed, but the show must go on,The Muslim world will observe this month inside lockdown but will full religious fervent and brotherly act of kindness towards other deserving and have not’s of society,” she retreated that 6th sense group will continue with its CSR activity during Ramadan throughout the Punjab.
She praised Government’s Ehsas program and said PM Imran Khan’s empathetic of the pain of the underprivileged, making him unique in the world of politics where self-preservation and self-advancement are always paramount.