Who We Are?

6th Sense Marketing Group focuses in marketing real estate projects in the most lucrative ways.
In today’s world… as we know, that real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk, only if managed intelligently! Realtors from around the country rely on us.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective marketing tools they need to create and sustain their competitive advantage in the world of real estate.6th Sense Group has never failed to provide its clients with anything less than a reliable dealing between buyers and sellers, and over time has done it by exemplifying and justifying the mission by delivering remarkably successful projects.



Our reputation for excellence and extraordinary service is well-known and highly respected by our devoted clients for proficient dealings, as we have earned their trust in maximizing realtor investment options all over Pakistan.
Our power lies in constructing well strategized campaigns that become true leaders. From data- oriented analysis, we set clear objectives and then generate methods to guarantee that these objectives are met. Involving yourself as an exclusive 6th Sense Group enterprise implies you are opening up to a world of opportunities for yourself and your company. But how are we going to do it?

Build your brand as a major business player

Take your project and make it a trusted customer favorite

Make your project a must-invest chance

Build leads and transform them into earnings


6thSense Group uses advanced, cutting-edge techniques to target end customers. In order to maximize effect, our marketing campaigns use digital platforms. In the appropriate revenue brackets, we do not only target Pakistanis, but we also push initiatives to our foreign audience.
An effective campaign for marketing needs consistency. To familiarize prospective sellers with the project, all marketing campaigns will highlight the characteristics and features of your project as a norm. Presenting your target audience with standardized, homogeneous interaction across all media is crucial for constant brand recall.