Sales management is the process of developing and training a sales team to maximize sales performance. And satisfy the client’s demands and curiosity to the most. This includes implementing sales operations that drive your business forward, developing sales techniques, using the right software and tools, and measuring sales performance. We at 6th sense follow the best training programs to train our team to advise and suggest the best available business and investment opportunities for you:

How we build our effective Sales Teams at 6th sense 

Whether We are starting or already have key staff in place, we believe at 6th sense that it’s imperative to build an excellent sales team. Even if you have the best products and services in the market, it will be difficult to sell and advise to the clients to prospects without an effective and talented sales team.

We Hire the Best Candidates

One of the best ways to attract best team at 6th sense, we have thorough, engaging job descriptions and post them on a variety of job boards. This include information about our company culture, mission, vision, and the products and services we provide.

We at 6th sense group first List  the skills and experience a desirable candidate should have, such as the amount of time they’ve been working in the industry, education, and prior job experience. Include the key responsibilities of the job in clear detail.

This includes a video about what it’s like to work at the organization like 

6th sense to be even more engaging. We Post job opportunities on a wide range of platforms. We buy social media ads targeting a certain location.

We give importance to all Job Applications

Once we have created and posted job opportunities, job applications come pouring in. Reviewing applications takes time and we find many that aren’t a good fit, but it’s important to review them all so the right candidate doesn’t slip through the cracks. more importantly, helps filter out candidates who made sure to follow instructions and read the full job description in detail. Another great idea is that we ask them to include a short, informal video recorded on their cell phone telling us little bit about themselves and why they are interested in the position.

We select through Interviews With Potential Candidates

When interviewing sales candidates, and property advisors it’s important to be thorough but not to intimidate them. We always Remember, it’s a two-way street and you are both assessing one another for a mutual fit. Depending on the size and structure of your sales organization, our job interview process can vary and may change over time.

In many cases, the process includes a phone screen to hone in on qualified candidates before an in-person interview with human resources for the hiring manager. Then, our company choose to do a panel interview with other members of the team or even a day of shadowing on the job.


  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What skills do you bring that you think will be beneficial?
  • Tell me about a challenge in a sales role you experienced and how you solved it.
  • What do you perceive as your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are some of your favorite closing techniques?
  • What are some of the best ways you’ve found to overcome objections?
  • What questions do you have for me that you’d like to know about this position and our company?

WE make a Compelling Offer

Once a candidate is determined to be a good fit and we want them to join our sales team, we make a verbal offer followed by a written offer letter. We also express how excited are for them to join our  team and thank them for participating in the interview process.

Onboarding & Training Sales Team at 6th sense

Once we have a sales team in place, an our effective sales manager have the tools, skills, and resources to onboard and train them to move the team forward as a whole. We want to include an emphasis on our company core values, mission, and work expectations throughout the onboarding process.

Onboarding new hires includes discussing the company’s mission, culture, expectations, and normal working hours the sales team follows on a regular basis. We at 6th sense also want to thoroughly train new sales hires on the sales process, products and services, and the software and tools we use, such as a customer relationship management program (CRM), meeting software such as video conferencing tools, and task management programs.

Pro tip: When training new sales reps, use sales managers or experienced sales reps to engage new hires in role-playing, where the experienced sales team member pretends to act as a prospect or customer. This helps prepare the new hire for conversations with prospects, common questions they ask, and how to overcome objections.

Finally, consider using a professional development program from a third party to onboard and train new sales hires. There is no lack of sales training program at 6th sense to set up our sales team for success and reach their goals.

Developing Sales Operations

A big part of sales management is creating and fostering a smooth sales operation system, we Set our sales team up with a great operations plan by managing the day-to-day process of steering your sales team and satisfy the clients in the right direction and setting the stage for success.

Establish Effective Sales Team Meetings

Many organizations suffer from having too many sales meetings and not enough time to get important work done. And time to satisfy your clients question and concerns While meetings are important for collaboration and transparency, make sure each meeting has a clear agenda, start time, and end time.

It’s also key to make sure each meeting has clear expectations of all team members. Showing up on time, participating, and ending on time are good examples of running a proper, efficient meeting.

For example, it’s a good idea to have a weekly sales forecast meeting to take a look at which deals are likely to close and what new customers you might acquire. It’s also a great time to talk about challenges you are having with certain prospects and brainstorm how to overcome objections.

Use Tools to Streamline Sales Operations

We at 6th sense use a variety of sales management tolls to manage our day-to-day operations and streamline our sales process. This helps our teams and clients to stay organized, transparent, and manage communications internally and externally, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Just a few of the tools you may consider using include:

Client relationship program to increase sales leads, opportunities, deals, and communications.

  • Video conferencing tools, such as Zoom to communicate with clients as well as in internal remote team members.
  • Task management tools, projects, due dates, and foster accountability among team members.
  • Scheduling tools, such as Calendly  to schedule meetings without the hassle and wasted time of emailing back and forth to find a mutually convenient meeting time.
  • An internal communication program, to make it easy for team members to communicate via direct messages and in groups without filling up their e