Successful Chaand Raat Event at Madison Square Mall

Celebrations of Chaand raat festival hosted by 6th Sense Group (Pvt.Ltd) at Madison Square Mall, followed by fun activities including: music, entertainment, food stalls, mehndi, bangles, nail bar, face painting and a whole lot of entertainment! 

Iftar Dinner at Madison Square Mall

Iftar dinner was hosted by 6th Sense Group (Pvt.Ltd) on the launch of Madison Square Mall in the month of Ramadan. Mr. Safdar Butt, owner of Madison Square Mall conducted the proceedings and an open discussion was held to introduce the audience with the concept of the mall related to shopping, entertainment and lifestyle.

Highlights from the launch event of Madison Square Mall, Lahore

A night full of celebrations along with food and entertainment for our fashion geeks, followed by fun-filled musical event by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at the launch event of MadisonSqureMall, exclusively marketed by 6thSenseGroup!