The standpoint of real estate investment starts with PROFIT! Successful ventures are dream of every investor who needs a remarkable market, generating a good return on investment. The market has been changing recently and flipping houses, which once was one of the best ways for an investor to achieve greatest ROI (Return on Investment), has been becoming less rewarding. It’s very important to realize the latest most efficient way to increase your property value that is; through purchasing, retaining and renting your property for better investment. And 6th Sense Group is here to make your investment “A Grandeur”!

To make superior return chances higher for your investment in real estate, you should adapt the ways through which you are capable of dividend income. This might seem like a demanding challenge but it can be easier than you think.


Stable renters count in major factors of your rental real estate with a good tenant screening process. Contracting with the right tenant assures a better future revenue incoming and less fortunate damage, restrains or any sort of causes to walk away. Through our agency we make sure to provide you reliable tenants and greater openings. The most essential step of low vacancy is tenant screening. For instance, a party may seem good at first and then change when they actually resides in the property. For usual problems caused for these purposes, you must be alert and proactive in deciding who your tenant for your valuable estate is!


Your chances of earning via your property grow even more when you take care of standard improvisations needed in that area. Focus on both functionality and appearance of your property to increase your value and make a big difference in the market. Having no control of your property maintenance once you give it to a specific tenant can be a little too good or somehow risky; but the key is to keep a check by investing some time and money. The service checkup, routine maintenance, quarter yearly advancement should be added in your list if you decide to leave your property with a tenant. 6th Sense Group priority is to promote its rental domains in every required ample of time. These key factors will not only create more potential for greater profits but will also take care of expensive items like furnaces, air conditioning units, sump pumps, refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers.

Another important factor is to keep update with your renter and help them ask you for any necessary maintenance or support. You should be clear in the very beginning about your expectations from renter that how well they need to take care of your property essentials. Set a calendar reminder about texting your renter every 2 months and taking all necessary information from them. If you choose to join hands with a well-managed agency like 6th Sense for your investment, the agency automatically makes it all easy for you. Make proper visits at least after a required time period to keep the damage minimal. It will be more good for you to get a regular report of potential maintenance from your renters, especially if you help them throughout this.


While fixed mortgage payment remains constant, the inflation technique implements to home constructions costs and rents impacting directly to adequate cost analysis. With rapid growth in population and increased commercial value, the thing to keep in mind is that your property demand will automatically rise and rental price drives up. We not only give our valuable investors the prospect to avail more fortune for the profit but we have very comfortable inflation rates.


As soon as you make payment of your mortgage, the equity in your investment will definitely increase to a level of contentment. Whenever a property is sold, the equity is therefore determined after some real estate investors bring forward equity loans. When loan terms and interest rates are advanced, these funds can be used for other real estate investment.


It’s more convenient if you stop wasting time in managing payments that are done late, in a relatively difficult procedure or with an unstoppable excuse. To make your tenants more likely to pay on time, get your payments online with a generated policy for late submission. Our agency makes it supremely easy for tenants as well as the investors to make on-time and fast payments with our set policies and sufficient methods. The collection procedures have to be made easy and more appropriate with automatic payments or smooth transitions.


Finding the right deal is mega wave for your property value and increases your net worth. 6th Sense brings you incredible deals and packages which are not the ones to just pass by. These opportunities of grabbing a good deal doesn’t come that easy, you have to get a good research and homework from a good real estate agency or agent.


Your property has to be up to mark every late month as it can reach to a higher level of contract if the visualization is more captivating. For this purpose, the basic repair and maintenance is the most necessary rule to follow in real estate investment and we being a leading real state contractor have this on the top of our list. With the right focus on preventive repair procedures, your property becomes sparkling and polished.