Working from home has become the new normal as World adapt to the reality of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Although many of Real estate office locations are closed, the internet allows for human connectivity to extend far beyond our physical location. Practicing social distancing and conducting real estate business do not have to be mutually exclusive. Through the power of technology, agents can host virtual consultations, listing presentations, showings, and even closings with their clients, without leaving their homes. We are also harnessing tools like social media, virtual tours, 3-D walk-throughs, professional photography, and FaceTime to showcase our listings without putting anyone at risk. 

Now more than ever, 6th sense is proud to have helped so many families find their dream property investment where they will weather these challenging times together. For those who have always worked outside the home, here are our time-tested suggestions for successfully transitioning to remote work:

1. You’ll need to adapt your morning routine, but you can kick-start your productivity by maintaining as many of your typical habits as possible. Get dressed—maybe not as formally as usual, but in a way that signals to yourself that you’re starting the business day. Listen to the morning radio program you normally would in the car. If you usually spend a half hour commuting, use this time to take a walk instead.

2. Work every day in the same designated space. Whether this is a complete home office or your kitchen table, try to choose someplace with comfortable (but not too comfortable!) seating and bright light. When you sit down at your desk, be prepared with everything you’ll need for the morning—including a snack, so you don’t find yourself wandering back to the kitchen at 10 a.m.

3. It’s important to keep yourself focused, but you can also take full advantage of being at home. Take a break to stretch, go outside, or visit briefly with family members to give you a jolt of energy if you feel your productivity waning. 

4. Lunch like you mean it. You have access to your kitchen, so use it! Give yourself a long mental break in the middle of the day and prepare something delicious to fuel yourself to the finish line.

5. Actively manage distractions. This is especially hard for parents, but it’s helpful to establish work boundaries with (the adult) members of your household. Headphones or a closed door can signal that you aren’t available at the moment. Avoid multi-tasking whenever possible, especially with non-work chores like laundry. Plan something special for the end of the day to tell your brain that you’re off the clock.

Ultimately, the transition to working from home will look different for everybody, so try to learn a little every day about what works best for you! And if you have any questions about buying or selling during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local 6th Sense office. Our agents may be working safely from home but they are still readily available to assist