Investment Options

On 50% Upfront Payment of a shop, get 20-25% return on
Investment just after 15 months along with a buy back option.
Get 0.5% Grantee Rent on a shop after the completion of 2.5 years
along with a buy back option.

Prime Location Provision

Location is something that not everyone invests their time in, but is the most important feature when it comes to launch a real estate project in the market.

Land Acquistion

The process of acquiring land includes multiple planning and compliance steps. An illustrious demonstrating can be the prerequisite evaluations like legal descriptions, followed by the purchase offer negotiations and documentation.


6th Sense Group (Pvt.Ltd) coordinate all of the developmental activities, converting ideas from paper to real property.


Incorporating advanced construction technology into practice that increases levels of quality, efficiency, safety, sustainability and value for money.

Managing Operation

6th Sense Group (Pvt.Ltd) provides our clients with a 360 degrees real estate solutions as we manage day to day operations for our clients.

Rental Service

Invest in our marketed projects to get amazing rental profits that no one else in our competition has provided so far!

Direct Sales

6th Sense Group (Pvt Ltd) has a perfect blend of sales experts from all around the country. They work hard to facilitate the clients at every step, from the start of the process to the delivery of what was committed, in order to achieve customer delight.


6th Sense Group (Pvt. Ltd) uses various media vehicles to market itself and its projects in order to  inform, persude and remind the costumers. Furthermore, the company also focuses on image building and ways to increase engagement with the actual and potential clients.

Lead Generation

6th Sense Group (Pvt.Ltd) generates profits through all ways. 6th Sense Group uses advanced, cutting-edge techniques to target end customers