The 6th Sense Group is Pakistan’s leading and the only 360-Degree Real Estate Solutions Provider. Being a trusted and highly recognized marketplace, the 6thSense Group uses advanced techniques to target end customers and transform your investments into gold. We have a successful record of running the most profitable marketing campaigns for real estate ventures and satisfying our valued clients.

Empowered by modern facilities and qualified staff, the 6th Sense Group uses different digital platforms in its marketing campaigns to achieve maximum customer outreach. Unlike other real estate companies, we strive hard to exceed our clients’ expectations and win their loyalty. In addition to buying or selling property for our clients, the 6th Sense Group takes care of the real estate sector from the scratch and targets a diversified audience in Pakistan and abroad.

As a highly recognized brand in Pakistan’s real estate sector, our primary focus is to deliver excellence and help clients increase profitability. Similarly, we use advanced technology and digital platforms to increase visitors’ engagement and build our brand image.

Our professionals work tirelessly to make customer-oriented decisions and market-friendly strategies to maximize profits and reduce risks. Throughout the arena of multidimensional corporate plans and successful completion of projects, our track record is well-renowned for competence and exceptional service and highly regarded by our loyal clients.

In the past few years, we have broadened our target market and included a wide range of national and international customers. We partner with our clients through project planning, evaluation, and implementation phases and help them accomplish their desired objectives.

Currently, we are providing a wide range of services to real estate companies including land acquisition, development, location provision, construction and operations management, rental services, marketing, and lead generation. Some of our successfully marketed projects include the Madison Square Mall, Burj Ismail, Ahsan mall, Imperial Mall, Burj Huraira, and ChenOne Tower.

Initially, our key challenge was to provide our clients with the most effective marketing resources to help them achieve and sustain their strategic edge over their competitors in the real estate industry. After the success of previous marketing projects, we are now focusing on mega projects with extensive opportunities.

Following our tradition of presenting exclusive investment plans, we are proud to announce that we are now officially introducing another owned venture after the Family Farms venture. This upcoming venture would be the first Four Star Project comprising a Four Star Hotel and commercial property.

The upcoming project is a golden opportunity for our valued customers to make a smart investment and gain more profits in a small duration. This new venture has luxury apartments with staffed reservations along with buyback options and instant rental assurance.

By availing this distinctive opportunity, you can achieve a high return on investment (ROI) and gain exclusive benefits. Our stable brand recognition coupled with credibility and years of experience would help you maximize your projected outcomes without any investment-related risks.

This new venture is located at a prime location of MM Alam Road and is projected to be launched soon.